The Corps Study Promises to Revitalize the LA River

The US Army Corps of Engineers has been working closely with the City of Los Angeles for more than seven years to develop a plan to restore and revitalize the Los Angeles River. Their program, the Los Angeles River Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study, focuses on habitat and stream restoration to revive the life and quality of the river. This is not the type of flood protection program that the Corps is known for throughout the country, but rather an ecosystem study that emphasizes habitat and stream restoration in the ARBOR reach of the river, extending from Griffith Park through downtown Los Angeles.

After carefully evaluating a wide variety of sites and approaches, the Corps has now narrowed down the study to four alternatives. On September 13, 2013, the Corps announced that Alternative 13 is their tentatively selected plan.

Alternative 13 is good, but Alternative 20 presents a much more comphrehenive and dynamic approach with superior benefits and the inclusion of such key sites as the Verdugo Wash Confluence and the Los Angeles State Historic Park (Cornfield).

A official review period began on September 20th and will extend to November 18, 2013, giving you the opportunity to express your views about the plan and the best alternative.

The alternatives vary greatly in their benefits and costs and in how they will shape the Los Angeles River of the future.

Review the Corps LA River Study

Corps Alternatives Now Under Consideration

Alternative 10

Alternative 13

Alternative 16

Alternative 20

ARBOR Riparian Transitions

ARBOR Corridor Extension (ACE)

ARBOR Narrows to Downtown (AND)

ARBOR Riparian Integration via Varied Ecological Reintroduction (RIVER)

Pollywog Park
Upstream Glendale Narrows
Bowtie Yard

Alternative 10 Plus
Taylor Yard
Ferraro Fields
Arroyo Seco Confluence

Alternative 13 Plus:
Widening & Terracing
Piggyback Yard+
Taylor Yard+

Alternative 16 Plus:
Cornfield - LA State Historic Park
Verdugo Confluence

Estimated Cost: $375 million
Jobs: 913
Acres: 538

Estimated Cost: $453 million
Jobs: 1,986
Acres: 588

Estimated Cost: $804 million
Jobs: 6,491
Acres: 659 acres

Estimated Cost: $1.08 billion
Jobs: 9,001
Acres: 719


View a more detailed description of Corps alternatives here: Alternatives

River aficionados and Los Angeles officials are unaminous in their support for the most expansive and ambitious restoration program, a plan that will includes all the major sites under consideration. A letter from all the local members of Congress went to the head of the Corps of Engineers early in August expressing that position. On Friday, August 23, the Los Angeles City Council unaminously passed a resolutions introduced by Councilmembers Mitch O'Farrell and Gilbert Cedillo endorsing the most expansive alternative.

Now it's time to show grassroots support for the best plan. The LA River, which was once buried in concrete by the US Army Corps of Engineers, can live again. "Under the concrete, the river is smiling and it's about to give a victorious laugh," says Lewis MacAdams, co-founder of Friends of the Los Angeles River (FoLAR).

Come to the LA River Rally on Saturday, September 28 to show your support for the big package and to learn how you can be most effective in winning approval for the best plan possible.